Improving Your Relationships

Mental Makeup is a full service mental health services and corporate consulting provider. We use our vast psychological knowledge and skills to provide individual, couple, family and group clinical therapy, as well as to address the myriad ways that psychological elements can impact any business entity from top to bottom and throughout.

Psychological Services

Mental Makeup provides a variety of superior mental health, psychological services and relational consulting to individuals, couples, families, groups and educational and business professionals.

Corporate and Educational Services

Our corporate and educational services are designed to help improve skills, policies, procedures, and programs across any organization. Our solutions include coaching, workshops and training.

Our Team

Gabriel Sims is a professional clinical counselor and organizational health and behavioral consultant who works with people and organizations to understand where they have areas of possible improvement.

Why Everyone Needs Mental Makeup

Some people take the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach to life and only seek professional help when something goes wildly wrong. However, the better approach to being healthy, in our view, is to ensure you get regular check-ups and get out in front of any potential issues. If you float along thinking you’ll just leave well enough alone unless the bottom falls out, you’re most likely missing key indicators of mental health blind spots. By checking your mental health status, you will learn more about yourself in general, but also where you lack wellness and how to become and remain mentally “fit”.

It is no different for companies, and that is why we want to help you personally, as well as if you are a business. 

It is important for everyone to understand how your personal emotions impact you and everyone you come into contact with, because emotional health is paramount to relational, academic, and physical success, as well as life satisfaction overall.  Mental Makeup treats everyone individually and with the care and patience needed for where you are.

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