Your Values, Your Mission, Your Vision, Our Journey!

Mental Makeup is uniquely qualified to tackle the challenges your organization faces and to help your organization flourish. By drawing on our team’s areas of expertise, your organization can implement programs designed to produce a healthier, stronger, and more profitable organization.

Our corporate and educational services are designed to help improve skills, policies, procedures, and programs across any organization.

At Mental Makeup, we offer a range of Industrial Organization Psychology services for your business needs, and also community-based psychological services for any educational school systems and districts. Our solutions include coaching, workshops and training, among others, and are designed to stay at the leading edge of pertinent research to utilize the most effective techniques in your industry. Our trainings successfully improve group and personal dynamics, organizational health, and diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Corporate Consulting

  • Executive/Management coaching
  • Marketing and Psychology
  • Merger and Acquisition consulting
  • Downsizing transition consulting
  • Risk Management
  • Evaluate workplace interations
  • Conduct management interviews
  • EAP psychological services
  • Psychological vendor services
  • Placement of therapist in organizations


  • Interpersonal Engagement Workshop
  • Emotional Intelligence Workshop
  • Social Intelligence Workshop
  • Communication Workshop
  • Cultural Workshop
  • Employee Morale Workshop

Training Sessions

  • Sales and Psychology Training
  • Public Speaking Training
  • International Preparedness Training
  • Management and leadership
  • Working with depression
  • Working with anxiety
  • Working with trauma